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Bulan Bahasa 2021's Creative Identity


Bulan Bahasa 2021 is happening from from 14 August to 10 October 2021! We have a myriad of activities for you and your family throughout these months. Please note that the programmes below are subjected to changes. More updates can be found on our Instagram @bulanbahasa.

Watch the Bulan Bahasa Launch programme on meWATCH here. The Bulan Bahasa Launch 2021 was televised on Mediacorp Suria on 4 Sep 2021 at 8.30pm. Programme partners such as Elements Pictures and Tampines West CC MAEC, Rakan Bahasa, and Duta Bahasa including Ramli Sarip, Hyrul Anuar and Marina Yusoff participated in the Bulan Bahasa 2021 Launch.

Click here to view the Bulan Bahasa song, Bahasa Menjunjung Budaya. The song is also available on all streaming platforms. 


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Bulan Bahasa (Malay Language Month) was first launched in 1988 by the Malay Language Council, Singapore, as an initiative to encourage the Malay community to embrace the Malay language in their daily lives. Users of the Malay language are heirs of the rich Malay language, and can ensure the continuity of the language through continuous usage.

From being a biennial event, Bulan Bahasa, since 2011, has become an annual event. The various activities of Bulan Bahasa have been created to promote and instil greater confidence in and mastery of the Malay language.

As part of Bulan Bahasa, the Rakan Bahasa initiative is organised by the Malay Language Council, Singapore, to encourage students who are passionate about the Malay language and culture, to spread the love of the language to their peers, friends and families.

Watch the Pertandingan NewsMaker 2021 results announcement video, presented by Chairman of Bulan Bahasa 2021 Committee, Mdm Rahayu Mahzam here. Special thanks to Teevers, NewsMaker, and The Malayan Council for supporting Pertandingan NewsMaker 2021. 

Pertandingan NewsMaker 2021 Results Announcement

Application for the MLCS Programme Collaboration Funding for Bulan Bahasa 2021 is available herePlease send the completed form to NHB_MalayLanguageCouncil@nhb.gov.sg. Please note that the application period for 2021 has ended.

Nomination form for Rakan Bahasa 2021 from primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and madrasahs can be found here. Please send completed forms to NHB_MalayLanguageCouncil@nhb.gov.sg.  Please note that the Rakan Bahasa 2021 nominations period has ended.


‘Cita. Citra. Cinta. Bahasa Kita.’

'Cita. Citra. Cinta. Bahasa Kita.' reflects the dynamism of the Malay language as we move towards a new era.


‘Cita’ encapsulates the aspiration of the community to maintain the relevance of the Malay language. ‘Citra’ underscores the diversity in the usage and adaptation of the language, as a window to knowledge and vehicle of communication. ‘Cinta’ emphasises the need to cultivate the love and appreciation for the Malay language. 

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