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“Living Language. Living Heritage” was a special collaboration between the Tamil Language Festival, Teck Whye Secondary School and the National Heritage Board. 

In this heritage and language project, a group of students were trained to present a series of Heritage Trails using the Tamil language. 

Their journey of discovery cultivated for them, an understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s heritage. By then sharing their learning with schools, friends and families, these students became champions of Singapore’s heritage, as they created greater awareness in the larger community and fostered a sense of social cohesion and identity within the community. 

Teachers and students produced materials on the Heritage Trails in Tamil, guided by a language specialist to ensure accuracy. Their work was also printed as a 20-page supplement paper in Tamil Murasu for distribution to schools. 

On 27 April 2013, Teck Whye Secondary School students conducted a pilot trail around the Civic District for Minister S Iswaran, their family and peers. Their achievements were also shared with all attendees at the Mother Tongue Symposium, organized by the Ministry of Education.  This event took place in September, 2013.

To view this piece of work, please download “Living Language. Living Heritage”. Material available in Tamil only.