Going It Alone

Going It Alone
Clare Dowling
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English DOW

As Millie approaches forty, she realises time is running out for her, and she suddenly wants a baby now. She tries every way and method with her husband, Andrew, to get pregnant, but after months of trying, there is still no good news.

She wants a baby so much that she does not realise it is affecting her relationship with Andrew.

When Andrew needs to relocate because of his job, things become worse. It is going to be more difficult for Millie to get a baby, and she finally decides to have one on her own.

She makes an appointment with a fertility clinic in Spain without telling her family, and embarks on a roller coaster journey.

It becomes tricky when her sister and father decide to follow her to Spain for a short break. Things become more exciting when she meets the gorgeous Simon in Spain…


The storyline is entertaining, portraying the challenges of marriage and mid-life crises, with a mix of humour and tears. Definitely an insightful and enjoyable read for the holidays.

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Recommended by Noriahni binte Ismail, National Library Board.

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