Book Recommendations

These books and audiovisual materials have been recommended by our friendly librarians from the National Library Board. For more recommendations, visit or ask a librarian at

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For Adults

This is an excellent book to clear the doubts you have about grammar but never had the courage to clarify.

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For Children

A little boy dashes up and tells a group of children that they must never build a Frankenstein! It takes an immense amount of time and effort. At first, it might seem like fun to have your own monster to play with, but then it just becomes annoying.

In a place called Happy Valley, there lives ten sheep. Every night, the ten sheep are herded into their beds by one Super Sheep Dog named Doug. But one day, the sheep went missing! Who could have stolen them?

Cuthbert is hooked on his granny’s custard pies. But his world turns topsy turvy when Granny starts feeding him turnip stew instead. With the help of his friend Arnold, Cuthbert embarks on a mission to discover who is eating all of Granny’s pies.

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For Teens

When four-year-old Young Ju Park first hears the words Mi Gook — Korean for “America” — she is sure that they mean “Heaven.” But when her family moves to Southern California the following year, she finds the transition from life in Korea far from easy.

The story of a young sociologist who embedded himself in a Chicago crack dealing gang, first told in Freakonomics, captured the world’s attention. Gang Leader For A Day is the fascinating full story of how Sudhir Venkatesh gained entry into the gang and went on to witness-and sometimes participate in-the sort of events that have rarely been described in print.

Madison, Taylor, and Olivia are miserable and it’s not their fault. The three girls who used to be their best friends have turned against them, and they are mean! They’ve got to do something, or they’ll be miserable for the rest of their lives—or at least the seventh grade.

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