Catherine Clark
Juvenile Fiction
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Madison, Taylor, and Olivia are miserable and it’s not their fault. The three girls who used to be their best friends have turned against them, and they are mean! They’ve got to do something, or they’ll be miserable for the rest of their lives—or at least the seventh grade.


Best friends may not always be permanent. Just ask Madison, Taylor and Olivia whose best friends have adopted a “the meaner, the better” attitude towards them. All three girls cannot fathom why their best friends have changed overnight and are doing their best to sabotage them. So the girls try all kinds of ways to win their friends back even if it means using self-invented voodoo. But the girls soon realize that in trying to win their friends back, they themselves have become “mean girls” as well.

Will they ever be able to win their friends back? Or will they have to accept that their former best friends have now moved on? Check if this title is available at Public Libraries via the online catalogue on the National Library Board’s website.

Recommended by Chen Wanying, NLB librarian

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