Common English Mistakes

Everyday Conversations

Wrong: "I will wait for you at Ya Kun while you are at the hair dressing saloon."
Right: "… hair dressing salon."
Wrong: "Can you hold my hand as I am scared of the dark."
Right: "… as the dark scares me." or "… as I am afraid of the dark."
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Word Choice

What is the difference between 'catched' and 'caught'? Are they both the past tense of 'catch'?

'Catched' is often mistaken as the past tense of 'catch'. This is a mistake! The past tense form of 'catch' is 'caught', as in “I caught the ball”.

What is the difference between 'signage' and 'signages'? Is 'signage' a collective noun? Should we use 'signages' instead?

Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of objects. For example, a school of fish, a shiver of sharks. 'School' and 'shiver' are collective nouns. While 'signage' is used to represent a group of signs, we wouldn't call it a collective noun. That is because a collective noun is a different word used to describe the group. Usually, when referring to a group of signs, we just call them 'signage'. However, that is not to say that using 'signages' is wrong. You can use 'signages' when you refer to more than one group of signs that are distinctly separate from each other.

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Wrong: Please keep door close.
Right: Please keep door closed.
Wrong: No litter and dumping.
Right: No littering and dumping.
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