We are looking for teachers who:

  • exemplify the use of good spoken and written English;
  • promote learning-focused interaction during English lessons; and
  • choose pedagogies appropriate to learners’ readiness, interests and learning profiles.

We're also looking for Heads of Departments (HODs) / Subject Heads (SHs) / Level heads (LHs) who have:

  • communicated a shared vision for quality teaching and learning that reflects a strong understanding of the organisational culture and the learning needs of staff and students; 
  • planned an English Language/Literature/General Paper programme based on the requirements of the relevant national syllabuses to meet the readiness, interests and learning profiles of students of the school;
  • effectively implemented the school-based instructional programme (including enrichment and/or remedial programmes); 
  • developed the teaching competencies of teachers of English so that they are better able to enact their school-based instructional programmes.

If this sounds like a teacher you know, nominate them for the Inspiring Teacher of English Award.

Download your nomination and endorsement forms here:

Teaching Award

Leadership Award (for HODs, SHs and LHs)

Nominations are now open. 

About the Inspiring Teacher of English Award

The Inspiring Teacher of English Award acknowledges teachers who have been instrumental in igniting a love for the English Language and are effective in helping their students communicate better. These teachers are passionate about making English interesting and relevant to their students, and are innovative in engaging their students to help them learn English better. The Award salutes these teachers for their continual learning and constant efforts to upgrade themselves to benefit their students and schools.

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