Perfect: Anorexia and Me

Perfect: Anorexia and Me
Emily Halban
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‘Trickle by trickle the pounds began to shed. Family began to notice. Friends began to talk. Whispers could be overheard and the feeling was one of immense satisfaction. …progressively, item after item of my wardrobe slowly slipped down my hips and dragged along the floor as I obsessively walked myself slim.’


The real life story of Emily Halban who has struggled with anorexia for eight years, this honest and non-intrusive account tells of the symptoms of anorexia, the effects this debilitating behaviour has on the human body and the mentality behind an anorexic.

This account shows how easily trying to look good can plunge one into the depths of struggling with food. When does one draw the line between anorexia and an obsession with looking good and eating healthily? This book warns of the dangers of counting calories one too many and the effects anorexia can have on a person and the people living with an anorexic.

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Recommended by Chen Wanying, NLB librarian

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