The Friday Night Knitting Club

The Friday Night Knitting Club
Kate Jacobs
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English JAC

It starts almost by accident: the women who buy their knitting needles and wool from Georgia’s store linger for advice, for a coffee, for a chat and before they know it, every Friday night is knitting night.

And as the needles clack, and the garments grow, the conversation moves on from patterns and yarn to life, love and everything.

These women are of different ages, from different backgrounds and facing different problems, but they are drawn together by threads of affection that prove as durable as the sweaters they knit.


Georgia Walker, the owner of the knitting store, Walker and Daughter, finds out that she does more than sell yarn and knitting needles. For those who drop in, the store inevitably provides more than just materials for their next knitting project.

Intertwined by tips on knitting and the warm friendship that develops, the women who come in find solace from the stress and uncertainty they face in their work and personal life.

For the different women, the store provides a chance for them to “snitch and bitch” and to find camaraderie and support during the times they have to face life alone.

Through the events and stories that unfold from their regular knitting nights, each woman finds that she has another chance at life, another chance at missed opportunities and another chance to regain lost happiness.

Using the ways of knitting as an analogy, Kate Jacobs paints a captivating and poignant tale of how a simple hobby not only allows for more than fulfillment of a finished project but also the fulfillment of the heart’s desire.

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Recommended and reviewed by Chen Wanying, NLB librarian.

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