31 Ways to Change the World

31 Ways to Change the World
Tanis Taylor and 4,386 children (more or less)
Juvenile Literature
Call Number
J 303.48 THI

You have a HUGE impact on the world around you. Every day, there are things you can do that affect your friends, your parents, your teachers – even chicken farmers and factory workers halfway around the globe. And if ONE person can make a difference, just imagine what LOTS of people can do…


Yes! Kids can change the world! Sometimes, it’s easy to think that whatever we do makes no difference, especially when we are young. But as this book puts it, when many people take the same small actions, we can change the world in big ways. Some of the 31 ways are environmentally friendly (take shorter showers to save water) while others will make life more pleasant (give lots of compliments). Yet others are just simply fun, fun, fun! (go to more parties!)

While some of the suggested actions may arguably not change the world in a radical way, they all encourage us to be active and take responsibility for our actions in enjoyable and fun ways. You’ll love the colourful pictures and the humourous text. With great content that’s easy to read – what more can you ask for? Go change the world already!

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Recommended by Lim Sieu Pin, NLB librarian

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