Freaky Monday

Freaky Monday
Mary Rodgers and Heather Hach
Juvenile Fiction
Call Number
J English ROD

What happens when a precocious child switches her body with her school teacher and both are forced to adapt to each other’s life for one freaky Monday? The events that ensue will change their lives forever…


Imagine yourself being switched into your school teacher’s body!

Freaky Monday tells a story of a young girl, Hadley, who finds herself switching bodies with her school teacher, Ms. Pitt.

Hadley is a student who strives to do her best in school and does her revision most of her time. Ms. Pitt is an English teacher who has high dreams of becoming the head of English department, but believes her students should be well-rounded instead of just focusing on academic achievements.

So when they find themselves switched into each other’s bodies in class one Monday, all they want to do is to switch right back. Little did they know this freaky incident will bring change to their lives forever – a change for the better…

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