How I Learned Geography

How I Learned Geography
Uri Shulevitz
Geography ,Imagination, Fiction, Picture Books For Children
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Having travelled a long way from their troubled homeland, a boy and his family are living in poverty in a strange new country. The boy has no toys and no books and worst of all, food is scarce. But then instead of bread, his father brings home a map and hangs it on the wall. Suddenly, without ever leaving the room, the boy is transported to exotic places.


This is a moving tale of how a boy’s anger towards his father for buying a map instead of food for supper is transformed into one of admiration when he gets transported to fascinating places while looking at the different places on the map. The boy’s hunger for food is fed by his enthrallment with the far-away exotic lands on the map. This is a simple tale of how the power of one’s imagination is sometimes far more valuable than the tangible things in life.

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Recommended by Chen Wanying, NLB librarian

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