The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit
Margery Williams; illustrated by Justin Todd
Juvenile Fiction
Call Number
JS English WIL

A touching story of a child and his stuffed toy, the Velveteen Rabbit. It develops a desire to become a real rabbit because it believes that this miracle will happen if the child really, really loves the toy.


Given to a boy as a Christmas gift, the Velveteen Rabbit longs to be real. He learns that when a child really loves a toy for a very long time, the toy can become real.

The boy loves the Velveteen Rabbit very much, and he plays with him every single day. Even when the Rabbit’s velveteen fur becomes faded and his whiskers are missing, the boy still loves and plays with him.

One day, the boy falls ill and everything changes. The Velveteen Rabbit is thrown outside the house, in a bag full of rubbish. As tears trickle down his nose, something magical happens. The Velveteen Rabbit’s wish suddenly becomes real…

Enjoy this timeless classic on how the power of love can make a toy’s wish comes true…

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Recommended by Noriahni binte Ismail, NLB Librarian.

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