Why Elephant Has a Trunk

Why Elephant Has a Trunk
Series created by Claudia Lloyd; [text based on the script written by Edward Gakuya and Claudia Lloyd]
Junior Picture Fiction
Call Number
JP English WHY

Tinga Tinga Tales is inspired by traditional animal stories from Africa and the Tingatinga artwork of Tanzania.

You see there was a time when Elephant had no nose. He was big and he was clumsy and he was very, very smelly!

So what happened when Elephant fell asleep too close to the waterhole?


Children love Pourquoi tales (stories that tell the ‘origin’ of things). And this humourous tale of the elephant’s trunk will appeal to their curiosity. By way of the many funny but unfortunate situations the trunk-less elephant is in, kids learn about how useful an elephant’s trunk is. The jungle animals are also depicted in a very lovable manner and the idea of a stinky elephant will no doubt add to the attractiveness of this story – especially for little tikes who detest bathing!

Why Elephant has a Trunk is available at the National Library, find out if Why Elephant has a Trunk is available at the public library nearest to you.

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