Are You a Good Role Model?

Have you ever asked your child to speed up what he or she is doing by saying, “Faster can or not?”

Many parents today are pressed for time. They are constantly rushing their kids to school or through a meal so as to move on quickly to the next task that has to be done. In a mad rush to get things done, it is easy to lapse into convenient, non-standard English.

Constantly Check Yourself

“Faster can or not” is one such non-Standard English phrase. Correct yourself the next time you say it.

Try saying:

  • “Can you please hurry up, we are late.”
  • “Please hurry up. Your class will start in 10 minutes.”


You Are a Role Model

Remember, many children pick up their language skills from parents. Home is one of the most conducive places to introduce children to proper Standard English.

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