Don’t Kill Your Child’s Love for Reading

It is only natural that you want your child to start reading as early as possible.

It is also normal to feel slightly anxious when your child doesn’t start reading when others his/her age are already doing so. Or that your child is not reading as well as others.

In all such situations, what you do can either encourage or kill your child’s love for reading.

Here are 5 simple tips on what YOU MUST NOT do:

  1. Don’tforce your child to read.
  2. Don’tbe over-anxious about your child’s reading progress.
  3. Don’tcompare your child to others.
  4. Don’task questions to test what your child has read.
  5. Don’texpect your child to read more difficult books than he can comfortably manage.


Reading Should Be Enjoyed Not Feared

Just remember that reading time should not be threatening or a time to be feared.

Help your child love to read by:

  • Making a conscious effort to keep your anxiety and expectations in check.
  • Appreciating that your child is an individual.
  • Being supportive and sensitive to your child’s needs.


Source: Edited from “Give Your Child a Headstart in Reading” by Gail Rahman, Society for Reading and Literacy

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