Make Storytelling Part of Your Child’s Life

Inspire your children to pick up reading by finding time to tell them stories. Storytelling isn’t an expensive exercise, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting hooked on listening to you. Try it, it will be a real treat for your kids.

Why Is Storytelling Good For Kids?

The benefits are many but here are 4 compelling reasons why your kids will benefit from story time with you:

  • You can show your children how they can express themselves with words
  • Introduce creative ideas to your children
  • Stir up your children’s imagination
  • Good time to bond and interact with your children


Quick and Easy Start

Storytelling does not take up a lot of time. You just need to:

  • Set aside 10 to 15 minutes each time
  • Find a time every day or if that sounds daunting, just pick a day or two each week
  • Pick a story to tell


Starting Out With Your First Story

If you feel you don’t have the skills to tell stories, begin by telling them about:

  • an incident that has left a deep impression on you
  • an experience from your childhood
  • a time in your life you fondly remember or
  • a story someone once told you


Getting Help for Storytelling

You can find out more about storytelling by:

  • Looking up tips online
  • Borrowing books on storytelling
  • Come back to this “Tips For Parents” section again soon for more storytelling tips


If any of the above seems inconvenient, help your kids enjoy storytelling by taking them to a library nearby. You can look up the storytelling schedule from the National Library Board events calendar (link phrase “National Library Board events calendar” to

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