Reading Activities: Six Fantastic Fables and Tales for the Holidays

Follow the adventures of wise old Mullah Nasruddin and the crab who tried to be something it is not. Here are 6 fantastic fables and stories told by renowned storyteller Sheila Wee and her daughter Julie Wee!

Story 1: How to Dress Appropriately (

Once, Mullah Nasruddin, a wise and respected man, arrived at a grand dinner. When he approached the entrance, he was gruffly turned away because he was not dressed well enough. His clothes were too shabby for such a lavish ball.


Story 2: Two Questions (

There was once a wise man named Mullah Nasruddin. Because he was wise, he was popular: popular when people had problems.


Story 3: Under the Walnut Tree (

Mullah Nasruddin was resting under the shade of a tall and luscious walnut tree. As he sat daydreaming, he noticed huge pumpkins growing on delicate vines snaking across the ground.


Story 4: How to Catch a Thief (

There once was an isolated village tucked away high up in the hills.

One morning, there was a bubbling of commotion from each of the small houses.


Story 5: The Crab and its Mother (

A mother crab, sitting next to her friend the frog, was watching her baby crab walking along the sand.


Story 6: Sticking Together (

There was once a family with four squabbling siblings. The eldest son wanted the youngest son to work harder and the youngest son wanted the eldest daughter to pray harder and the eldest daughter wanted the youngest daughter to stop whining all the time and the youngest daughter just wanted to grow up, get married and get away from the bickering.


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Source: Edited from “Story Collection” by Storywise (link to

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