One-Letter Words: A Dictionary

One-Letter Words: A Dictionary
Craig Conley
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423.1 CON

“I’ll tell you a secret – I can read words of one letter! Isn’t that grand?”- The White Queen to Alice in Through the Looking Glass.

Quick quiz: How many one-letter words do you know? Besides ‘A’ and ‘I’, do you know any others? Well then, you will find One-Letter Words: A Dictionary an interesting read.

With more than 20 pages of one-letter words, it boggles the mind! Craig Conley, a former teacher and editor, has come up with more than 1,000 one-letter words writers have used in their works.

Not all these words will be accepted by conventional dictionaries though. One-Letter Words is a unique resource that is more of an entertaining and informative read for anyone fascinated by language.

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Recommended by Norlin Naim, NLB librarian.

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