If a Chicken Stayed for Supper

If a Chicken Stayed for Supper
Carrie Weston; illustrated by Sophie Fatus
Junior Picture Fiction
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Mother Fox is out for the night, hunting for their favourite supper – chicken. But the five little foxes get impatient waiting for her and sneak out to play. They frolic and dance in the moonlight till it occurs to them that one of them may be lost. They start counting each other to make sure everyone is around but each one neglects to count himself! And so they cry, thinking one fox is missing, till Mother Hen comes to their rescue and brings them home, only to find Mother Fox waiting. Oh dear! What happens when a fox has a chicken for supper?


This is an amusing tale with bright attractive illustrations, and parents can have fun with their children by having them role-play the crying and the counting. Preschoolers will enjoy the silliness that ensues when the little foxes think one of them is lost (but young toddlers may not get the joke).

If a Chicken Stayed for Supper is available at the National Library, find out if If a Chicken Stayed for Supper is available at the public library nearest to you.

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