I'm So Embarrassed!

I'm So Embarrassed!
Robert Munsch; illustrated by Michael Martchenko
Junior Picture Fiction
Call Number
JP English MUN

It seems to Andrew that his mother has a talent for embarrassing him – even when she tries her best not to! She uses spit to tidy his hair and even shows his embarrassing baby pictures to everyone. His face turns so red, he climbs up a tree and even hides behind rubbish bins. But what happens when the situation is reversed?


Children will be delighted to read about such familiar, comical situations and see the red faces and funny expressions drawn by Michael Martchenko, longtime illustrator of Munsch’s books. And as usual, Robert Munsch’s stories can be downright hilarious to both children and parents. This is definitely a recommended read.

I’m So Embarrassed! is available at the National Library, find out if I’m So Embarrassed! is available at the public library nearest to you.

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