Journeys of Strength, Love and Faith

Journeys of Strength, Love and Faith
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For most teenagers, life’s journey is peppered with potholes, crossroads and confusing road signs – even near-fatal accidents for some. As such, they are constantly in search of the right vehicle to get through this bumpy phase of their lives.

In this anthology of inspirational stories, 20 ITE students share how they have found the vehicle of faith, love and strength.

Faith sets them in the right direction; love smoothens the bumps; and strength keeps them going the long mile. Now in the driver’s seat of their own lives, these students invite you to join them in their journeys of personal reflection.


Journeys of Strength, Love and Faith consists of true life stories of 20 teenagers who share how they have found the strength to move on their lives after major setbacks. Other teenagers or even adults can relate well to some of their personal and inspirational stories.

The stories are simple and easy to comprehend. Reading their stories makes you think and reflect on your own life, and admire these teenagers’ courage and strong determination to overcome hardships.

It also enlightens teenagers who are ignorant of the harsh realities of life. To quote one of the writers: “Embrace hardship bravely because it will make you wiser and stronger. In the process, you will be growing through life, not just through life”.

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Recommended by Norlin Naim, NLB librarian.

Original review by Noriahni binte Ismail, NLB Librarian.

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