Common Mistakes

Here is a collection of the most common English mistakes found in public signs found in Singapore that contain broken English and how they should be phrased correctly.

Wrong: Please keep door close.
Right: Please keep door closed.
Wrong: Seize/Stop Operation
Right: Cease operations.
Wrong: Wheel cramp.
Right: Wheel clamp.
Wrong: No horning.
Right: No honking.
Wrong: No enter.
Right: No entry.
Wrong: Aircon dining area.
Right: Air-conditioned dining area.
Wrong: Open 24 hour.
Right: Open 24 hours.
Wrong: Shoplifters will be handled over to the police.
Right: Shoplifters will be handed over to the police.
Wrong: No tresspass.
Right: No trespassing.
Wrong: For your safety, please do not seat on the steps.
Right: For your own safety, please do not sit on the steps.
Wrong: Today special.
Right: Today's special.
Wrong: Strictly for man customers only.
Right: Strictly for male customers only.
Wrong: Please drop here.
Right: Please drop in your forms here.
Wrong: No parking of motorists.
Right: No parking of motorcycles. (or) No parking of vehicles.
Wrong: Check deposit.
Right: Cheque deposit.
Wrong: Out off order.
Right: Out of order.
Wrong: No litter and dumping.
Right: No littering and dumping.
Wrong: No pet are allow.
Right: No pets are allowed. (or) No pets allowed.
Wrong: Please keep silence.
Right: Please keep silent. (or) Silence, please.
Wrong: Apologies for inconveniences cause.
Right: We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Wrong: Works in progress.
Right: Work in progress.
Wrong: Please mine your head.
Right: Please mind your head.
Wrong: Please off lights after use.
Right: Please switch off lights after use.
Wrong: Authorised personnals only.
Right: Authorised personnel only.
Wrong: Please keep cleaning.
Right: Please keep the place clean.
Wrong: For lift breakdown, please call…
Right: In the event of a lift breakdown, please call…
Wrong: Thank you for your corporation.
Right: Thank you for your cooperation.
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