Does your English work for you?


Does your English work for you?

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  1. The presentation be ready by Tuesday morning.

  2. Please to the email by Friday so we can confirm numbers.

  3. of whether you can make it or not, please let Mary know in advance.

  4. I will forward the after the session is complete.

  5. All are required to attend the meeting.

  6. for further announcements about this exciting opportunity.

  7. , we had to enter the data manually but the new system takes it straight from the database.

  8. This year’s market research indicates that there are far people looking to take overseas holidays.

  9. Mr Tan is an essential member of the team. He in an average of $10,000 a month in new business.

  10. The is 16 September 2013.

  11. Mrs Low is seeking an answer to her question before the end of business today. Please me on how to proceed.

  12. The forthcoming budget will be discussed in the next Annual General Meeting.

  13. Please to this email at your convenience.

  14. I’m sorry, it is Mr Wong’s . I will have him contact you first thing Monday morning.

  15. The new promotion is working. We have had phone calls so far.

  16. Make sure that all guests are given a bag upon their arrival.

  17. I’m unable to meet then. I’m in Kuala Lumpur

  18. We have to negotiate carefully with them. They always drive a hard

  19. What you like to drink during the meeting?

  20. I have been working here five years.

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