Similar but Different

These words are very similar and many often get them confused, but do you know when it's more appropriate to use a particular word? Put your grammar skills to the test and see how you fare!

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  1. She puts her children to every night.

  2. I love the of this wine!

  3. I am of the dark.

  4. I had some eggs for breakfast this morning.

  5. A car is when it is parked.

  6. Please keep the door .

  7. Could you help me a short survey form?

  8. He his wife on her pretty dress.

  9. We should meet for coffee soon.

  10. Share the sweets the three of you.

  11. The rich man his wealth.

  12. I'm going for a course to my skills.

  13. It's too windy to sail our boat today; I already feel !

  14. you like to have some tea? you please help to boil some water?

  15. How much is it before we reach our destination?

  16. Our friendship is .

  17. This wall is too for me to get over.

  18. I'm just going to quickly through the newspaper.

  19. I made this card for you!

  20. The apartments in the new building are finally .

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