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How Good is Your English?

Find out with this quiz specially developed by the British Council for the Speak Good English Movement.

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  1. These children not responsible for their actions.

  2. On , every dollar you spend on advertising generates $15 in sales revenue for you.

  3. They are cheap too, ?

  4. Surila her application.

  5. , Singapore have HDB flats.

  6. Many managers and executives enhanced their skills after they attended our programmes.

  7. What if fire were to break out or some other incident were to take place?

  8. Yesterday, my brother in bed all morning. He says he has the flu.

  9. been a long time.

  10. He liked books.

  11. Your ability to communicate clearly will your income.

  12. No allowed.

  13. The been given to all the students.

  14. The are specialists, recruited from all over the world.

  15. I live in flat.

  16. Even after he a good night's sleep, he did not feel better.

  17. The threat of crime hasn't diminished - , it has increased.

  18. The critic really did not like the performance and gave it two big down.

  19. Her creative made her the envy of the class.

  20. Despite being brothers, they in many ways.

  21. I in the West for 10 years.

  22. I used to get home at .

  23. I suggested to Sentosa but no one else agreed.

  24. We the holiday but I was not really paying attention.

  25. The police will investigate .

  26. Once you get this letter, .

  27. I live in a small HDB flat near Marsiling MRT.

  28. I in Toa Payoh but this year I am studying in Tampines.

  29. All the correct.

  30. She couldn't hear the teacher because the air-conditioner was very loud, so she asked her to the question.

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