Word Definitions

Word Definitions

Will this be a defining moment for you? Do you know all the definitions of these words? Will you emerge as the master of word definitions?

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  1. What is a nine-letter word meaning "to name one by one"?

  2. What does "ample" mean?

  3. Which word has the definition of "someone who helps someone to do a wrong thing"?

  4. What does "emeritus" mean?

  5. Which word best fits the definition "to insult"?

  6. What does a "palindrome" refer to?

  7. Which word best describes "the act of declaring something holy"?

  8. Which word does NOT have the meaning as "to quell someone's anger or agitation"?

  9. Which word has the same meaning as the word "brainwash"?

  10. Which word does NOT have a similar meaning as "remorse"?

  11. Which words have the closest association to the word "cacophonic"?

  12. Which word has the meaning of "full of danger and risk"?

  13. Which meaning best describes "delectable"?

  14. Kok Siang gave a rousing speech to the committee members. What is the meaning of the word "rousing" as used in the previous sentence?

  15. Which is NOT the meaning of the word "imposing"?

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