Avoid Saying “Everytime Also Like That”

There are no short cuts to speaking English well. Even if you are in a hurry, you need to remember that slipping into non-standard English out of convenience is unacceptable.

“Why you everytime also like that?” or “Why you everytime also don’t listen” are common refrains from frustrated and exasperated parents.

Both sentences are grammatically incorrect. “Everytime” and “Like that” are incorrect. Think through how you can rephrase the sentence in Standard English.


Think of Alternatives

Instead of saying “Why you everytime also like that?”, try saying:

  • “Why do you make the same mistakes again and again?”
  • “Why do you repeat your mistakes?”
  • “Why do you always tease your brother?”

As for “Why you everytime also don’t listen”, correct yourself by saying:

  • “Why do you not listen? This is not the first time I’m telling you this.”
  • “Why do you always ignore what I say?”
  • “Why don’t you listen to instructions?”


Take on the Challenge

Put yourself on the spot and audit the things you say daily. Once you’ve identified the non-standard English phrases you usually use, think of how you can rephrase them in Standard English.

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