Be Natural When Telling Stories

It’s a common misconception that storytelling requires some sort of a special dramatic talent. Well, since each and every one of us is unique, the way we tell our story differs too.

Some people are more dramatic in the way they tell their stories, while others tell their stories in a simple straightforward style.

Just Be Yourself

You do not need to imitate someone else’s style or technique, especially if it seems unnatural to you. What is important in telling a story well is for you to be natural and comfortable with how you do it.

So open yourself up to the story and to your audience. Tell your story straight from your heart.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don’t forget, you just need to do it again and again. Learn from your mistakes and move on. You will get better at it.

Source: Adapted from article “Telling Stories to Children: Practical Tips for Novice Storytellers” by Sheila Wee in the Society for Reading and Literacy News Magazine.

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