Working On Your Vowels Together

Here is an activity that your family can do together to work on accuracy in pronunciation. Make sure you run through the actual pronunciation either before or after the game. The aim is to learn while you have fun.


  • You will need to do this in pairs. There are 2 lists: A list of statements and a list of responses.
  • One person will read the statements, and the other will read out the appropriate responses based on what they just heard.
  • The pair that gets the most responses correct will win.


Let the game begin.

List of Statements:

  • My cousin’s name is Ellen.
    My cousin’s name is Allan.
  • What happened when he felt the pat on his shoulder?
    What happened when he felt the pet on his shoulder?
  • I’d use a pen if I were you.
    I’d use a pan if I were you.
  • How much is your celery?
    How much is your salary?
  • You beat him?
    You bit him?


List of Responses:

  • I know. I’ve met her.
    I know. I’ve met him.
  • He bit him.
    He turned round to see who wanted to talk to him.
  • No, my Teacher said we could use a pencil.
    No, I need something bigger, like a wok.
  • $1.50
  • No, he was too fast for me.
    Of course not, I don’t bite.
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