Watch What You Say to Your Kids

Children pick up their language skills, both consciously and sub-consciously, from what they see and hear.


Listen To Your Kids

Pay attention to the things your child says. You will notice that your child may use certain phrases or expressions that are very similar to what you, your spouse or any other close relative or friend tends to use.


Watch What You Say

A simple and cost-effective way to help your child speak better is to pay attention to how you normally speak.

Are you guilty of using non-Standard English words or phrases that your child is likely to pick up?

Here are 6 examples that many Singaporean parents are prone to using:

  • “Faster late already”
  • “You don’t listen I tell Daddy”
  • “Why you so naughty”
  • “Wait Mummy give you ok?”
  • “You better don’t do that ah”
  • “ Everytime also like that”

The list can go on.


Becoming Role Models for Your Child  

Be mindful of the language you use. When you correct yourself and consciously speak in Standard English, your child will do so too.

Decide to start speaking English well today.


3 Quick Steps to Start

  • List some non-standard English words and phrases that you usually use
  • Pick one non-standard English phrase that / word you use most commonly and make an effort to stop using it this week.
  • Be conscious of what you say to your kids each time you speak to them. Correct yourself immediately every time you say it.


If you keep at it, you will stop using the phrase completely in no time. Your child will also realise that it isn’t Standard English and will avoid saying it too.

Take the first step today. One phrase at a time and soon you’ll be a role model for your child.

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