Warning Your Kids of Impending Punishment

Parents of younger children are particularly prone to saying this: “You very naughty today. Go home I hammer you”.

First of all, we should know by now that the sentence is grammatically wrong. Also, using the word “hammer” in this context isn’t Standard English.

You should be saying, “You have been very naughty today. I will punish you when we get home.”


What Do You Say When Kids Are Naughty?

Another threat that parents resort to is, “You very naughty. Go home I tell daddy / mummy.”

Avoid this non-standard English phrase and try this instead: “You have been behaving badly today. I will have to tell Daddy / Mummy when we get home.”


Never Forget To Check Yourself

It is easy to slip into non-standard English when you get upset. But children are likely to pay more attention to you when they are being scolded. So make the best of the opportunity to show your children what Standard English is.

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