Rakan Bahasa

As part of Bulan Bahasa, students are appointed as Rakan Bahasa (Friends of the Language) by the Malay Language Council, Singapore (Majlis Bahasa Melayu Singapura or MBMS), to encourage those who are passionate about the Malay language and culture, to spread the love of the language to their peers, friends and families. Their role is to share the beauty of the Malay language and to continue promoting it.

Throughout the year, every Rakan Bahasa will be given opportunities to attend various programmes and activities that will develop their skills and capabilities. These programmes include Rakan Bahasa Kembara Activity Cards, TeeVers Competition, Penterjemah Pintar (Translation Competition) and more.

The MBMS and the Bulan Bahasa Committee are committed to developing and growing the language confidence and capabilities of all Rakan Bahasa.


Rakan Bahasa Logo & Vision


All Rakan Bahasa are encouraged to embrace and express their Malay identity through the appreciation of culture and continued use of the Malay language.

Criteria for Rakan Bahasa appointment:

  • Passionate about the Malay language and culture
  • Can be a role model to their peers
  • Can enrich the lives of others through the creative expression and usage of Malay


Rakan Bahasa 2024 Nominations

Nominations for Rakan Bahasa 2024 has closed.



Rakan Bahasa Initiatives (Past and Present)

Rakan Bahasa Appointment Ceremony 

The Rakan Bahasa Appointment Ceremony starts off the Rakan Bahasa calendar for the year.

Rakan Bahasa are presented their appointment certificates and they will then register and participate in programmes for the coming year. These typically include the Kembara Rakan Bahasa and Pertandingan TeeVers and all relevant programmes for the year are also announced during the ceremony.

Appointed Rakan Bahasa may also be coached or trained by Duta Bahasa in specially arranged sessions. 

In 2024, the Rakan Bahasa Appointment Ceremony took place at the Singapore Discovery Centre on 19 April 2024.


Rakan Bahasa Appointment Ceremony 2024

Rakan Bahasa Appointment Ceremony 2024

RB2023 4 May  (2)

Rakan Bahasa Networking and Training Session 2023

RB2023 4 May  (1)

Rakan Bahasa Networking and Training Session 2023

Rakan Bahasa Appointment 2022

Rakan Bahasa Appointment Ceremony 2022

Rakan Bahasa Appointment Ceremony 2021


Rakan Bahasa Kembara Activity Cards

Kembara Rakan Bahasa are activity cards that contain different tasks to be completed by the Rakan Bahasa during the year of their appointment. It encourages the use and appreciation of the Malay language by promoting reading, writing, translation amongst others.

Upon successful completion of the cards, the Rakan Bahasa will receive a Kembara badge and a certificate.


Primary School


Secondary School




Pertandingan TeeVers (TeeVers Competition) 

Pertandingan TeeVers adopts a new format in 2024, as it changes its focus from video-making to audio-drama.

In 2024, the participating Rakan Bahasa had created an audio-drama based on a given theme. The students' submissions were then evaluated based on the content, creativity and effective use of the Malay language. The Vactors Club is a platform designed for audio-drama. With the support of TeeVers, each Rakan Bahasa has been given his/her own user account for personal use of the Vactors Club platform to create and share content in schools with all their classmates.

Catch the announcement video for Pertandingan Teevers' winning schools here!


Pertandingan TeeVers 2024 Winners


Pertandingan TeeVers 2023 (3)

Changkat Primary School - Pertandingan TeeVers 2023 First Place Winner for Primary School Category


 Pertandingan TeeVers 2023 (6)

Deyi Secondary School - Pertandingan TeeVers 2023 First Place Winner for Secondary School and JC Category

Special thanks to TeeVers  for supporting Pertandingan TeeVers 2024.


Penterjemah Pintar (Rakan Bahasa Translation Competition)

Penterjemah Pintar, or the Rakan Bahasa Translation Competition, is a competition organised by a group of Malay language teachers for primary level Rakan Bahasa.

In 2024, the translation competition was jointly organised by 4PM (Malay Youth Literary Association), at Wisma Geylang Serai for registered primary school Rakan Bahasa teams only.

Penterjemah Pintar 2024


Penterjemah Pintar 2024


Penterjemah Pintar 2023 (3)

Penterjemah Pintar 2023


Penterjemah Pintar 2023 (9)

Penterjemah Pintar 2023


PP Preliminary Round (2)

Penterjemah Pintar 2022


Penterjemah Pintar 2020


Penterjemah Pintar 2019