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Speak Good English Newsletter: December 2013

Newsletter December 2013

This is the season to be jolly with presents, parties and of course, hearing quintessential Christmas carols being played wherever you go.

One of the team's favourite Christmas carol is "Silent Night" and that's what inspired this month's newsletter theme – pronunciation tips on silent "t"s found in the lyrics of many popular Christmas songs.

Here are just five we spotted. Keep your ears peeled and find more throughout this month!

Speak Good English Newsletter: November 2013

Newsletter November 2013

Do you know which technology-related words have been accepted into the Oxford Dictionary?

If you're someone who is into both technology and the English language, you'd also know there have been some very interesting and recent entries into the dictionary that involve technology.

Inspired by one of the biggest IT fairs in Singapore, we check out these techie terminologies that have now been accepted into the Oxford Dictionary in this month's newsletter.

Speak Good English Newsletter: October 2013

Newsletter October 2013

Let us tempt your taste buds with a sweet range of delectable words that will make your next spoonful of dessert an extra special treat!

These adjectives (descriptive words) will also come in handy when adding captions to your food posts on social media.