Tamil Language Council 20th Anniversary Commemorative Publication

The Tamil Language Council (TLC) presents its 20th anniversary commemorative publication titled “Our Journey (2000 – 2020): Love Tamil, Speak Tamil”.

The publication captures the impetus for the TLC’s formation, the vision and aspirations of the pioneers and some of the major initiatives and milestones achieved. It also provides a brief insight into the history of Tamil language education and Tamil newspapers in Singapore and highlights the many partners and individuals who have supported the promotion of Tamil in the community.

"Our Journey" is narrated in the following four main areas:

• The Pioneering Efforts undertaken by various prominent persons, organisations, associations and publications, in Singapore, both pre- and post-independence;

• The Partnerships Forged over the years between TLC and various other Tamil/Indian organisations and associations, all working together to promote the awareness, love, study and greater use of Tamil language among the Tamil community in Singapore;

• The Programmes Organised by TLC and its partners over the years, particularly during the annual Tamil Language Festival period; and

• The Path Forward that needs to be taken to ensure these efforts continue to develop into the future, especially for our youth, by leveraging on a greater use of technology and the various forms of social media.

The commemorative publication was launched by Minister S Iswaran, Minister for Transport and Minister-in-Charge of Trade Relations, Advisor (2000-2016) to the Tamil Language Council and Guest-of-Honour on Sunday, 5 September 2021.

Click Here: English Version of "Our Journey (2000 – 2020): Love Tamil, Speak Tamil"

Click Here: Tamil Version of "Our Journey (2000 – 2020): Love Tamil, Speak Tamil"

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