Tips for Parents

Help Your Child to Read from a Tender Age

Many parents are pressured to get their children started on reading as early as possible. Often parents just don’t know what to do besides bringing their kids to the library or buying them loads of books.

Make Storytelling Part of Your Child’s Life

Inspire your children to pick up reading by finding time to tell them stories. Storytelling isn’t an expensive exercise, so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting hooked on listening to you. Try it, it will be a real treat for your kids.

Phonics – What, When & Why

Phonics is a user-friendly way of learning to read from scratch that teaches children the 43 phonetic sounds in English (25 consonant and 18 vowel sounds).

Raising A Child Who Loves to Read

Educators know that a child with precocious reading and language skills automatically enjoys a huge head start over his peers at school. The trick is for parents to help their children associate books and reading with pleasure and entertainment, instead of just exams and homework. How can you do this?

Sharing Family Stories with Your Children

Telling stories to your children can help develop their intellect, literacy skills, and emotional development. Studies have shown that early readers come from homes where oral language is used in a variety of ways – story telling being one of them.

Start Telling Your First Story Today

So what if you’ve never told a story before; that is not a good reason to avoid telling stories to your children. Read on for tips to help kick-start your story telling journey. You won’t regret it!

Tips on Reading Comprehension

Comprehension is the process of making meaning from a written text. Typically, children might have difficulty understanding due to limited vocabulary and/or a lack of familiarity with the subject matter.

Working On Your Vowels Together

Here is an activity that your family can do together to work on accuracy in pronunciation. Make sure you run through the actual pronunciation either before or after the game. The aim is to learn while you have fun.

Think Before You Speak

Have you been in a conversation where you feel stressful to give a quick answer once the question is being posed? In the hurry to answer, sometimes, you may blurt out things you later wish you had not said. As such, it is better to pause and think before you speak.