Project Proposal and Funding Support

The Promote Mandarin Council provides support to community partners who share the same passion in Chinese language, culture and heritage, wherever possible.

Community partners who would like to seek support from the Promote Mandarin Council can download and complete the Programme Proposal and Funding Request Form. Completed forms must be submitted to Please take note of the following when submitting your application:


  1. Companies have to be locally registered to qualify.
  2. Individual applicants have to be Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents to qualify.
  3. Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
  • Promotes Chinese language, culture and heritage
  • Encourages appreciation of Chinese language, culture and heritage
  • Reaches out to the Speak Mandarin Campaign’s target audiences
  • Extent of outreach


  1. Programmes will not be fully funded.

 Rules & Regulations:

  1. All funding requests are subjected to evaluation and approval from the Promote Mandarin Council.
  2. The Council reserves the right to reject proposals and/or to disclose reasons for not supporting a programme.
  3. Application for funding is open throughout the year. The evaluation process may take up to three weeks or longer. The Promote Mandarin Council Secretariat may also seek further clarifications on the submission if required.
  4. A projected expenditure and income statement is required for submission. Failing which, the submission shall not be considered for support.