2024 Let's Discover Mandarin!


Let's Discover Mandarin!

Do you know that language changes over time with social, cultural, geographical and even media influences? Mandarin used in Singapore is different from that used in other Mandarin-speaking countries.

Join us for the return of our fun game show with our guests to discover the vibrancy and diversity of Mandarin!


Date:               Thursday, 1 February 2024

Time:               7:30pm

Venue:            The Pod, Level 16, National Library Building


Be the first 50 to attend and complete online programme’s feedback form will receive a bubble tea voucher!*


*All decisions final. Vouchers are available for participants based in Singapore (only).

Programme will be conducted predominantly in Mandarin.



Anna Lim

Radio Presenter of 96.3 Hao FM

Anna Lim is a Singaporean radio veteran with more than 30 years in broadcasting. She began her broadcasting career journey in 1991, earning her spot as one of the cherished "Hearts" on local broadcasting waves. In 2001, she led a team of DJs as Assistant Director at UFM1003. As a food-enthusiast, she started focusing on health and food topics. She is currently a producer and host of《娜些好吃的》 《健康娜件事》《娜些人娜些事》and《娜些歌》on 96.3 Hao FM.

Yeow Seng Yong

Capital 95.8FM Radio , Mediacorp

A DJ since 1982, Seng Yong was one of the anchors for radio sports news in the early years. He has since crossed over to TV, hosting variety shows, current-affairs programmes and participating in many crosstalk shows. Known for his quick wit, he is currently a presenter for Capital 95.8FM.


 Yap Hui Xin


Hui Xin is a talented actress and host who has shot numerous TV dramas and movies. Her most recent movie included Diam Diam Era 2 as well as Late Night Ride. She is also popular on TikTok, amassing nearly 70k followers. She is also one of the anchor hosts for Lazada and she just completed a Viddsee Series “The Break Up to do List”.

Brian Ng


Brian first started out as a childstar on Kids Central's We Are R.E.M. and Heartlanders. He then went on to star in many Channel 8 series including 萤火虫的梦, 起飞, 美味下半场, 寂寞鱼听见, 攻星计, 入侵者, 寄生. Brian's most notable role in recent times include Channel 5's KIN as the charismatic doctor Dr. Shen Yang. He also stars as Ray Huang in the latest blockbuster series - Third Rail.


 Jeff Goh

Radio Presenter at YES 933

Known for his unique style of live hosting, radio presenting and sound productions, Jeff distinguishes himself and emerges as one of the well-remembered personalities in the entertainment scene. Being highly entertaining, versatile and responsive on stage, and effectively bilingual in English and Mandarin emceeing, Jeff has hosted over thousands of live events from live concerts, press conferences, launches, gala dinners, festivals etc.


With his quick-witted adaptability and creative humour, Jeff never fails to leave an impression to clients and audiences!



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