2020 Speak Mandarin, Spark Creativity!

Speak Mandarin, Spark Creativity!


 “Mandarin is boring!”

Let’s stop right there. If you have sung Mandopop at the karaoke, or even stayed up nights binge-watching Chinese drama serials, then you would know that Mandarin can be fun and interesting too when we explore its creative side.

Come and be inspired! Join our conversation as speakers share how they have explored Mandarin creatively in their pursuit of art, design, theatre and music.




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Woo Yen Yen

CEO, Yumcha Studios and Co-creator of Dim Sum Warriors


Dr. Yen Yen WOO is the creator of Little Dim Sum Warriors, the bilingual young children’s book and app series, and Dim Sum Warriors, the graphic novel series about kung fu-fighting dumplings that has been featured by Time magazine, the BBC, Fast Company and many others. It was recently adapted into a stage musical in collaboration with 赖声川的上剧场which toured 25 cities in China. Yen Yen also wrote and directed Singapore Dreaming, winning several international awards for her work in film. She received her Doctorate in Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College, before becoming a tenured professor at Long Island University in New York and a Visiting Professor at National Central University, Taiwan. She is currently the CEO of Yumcha Studios, a content and edtech company focused on bilingual learning through comics.


Neo Hai Bin

Theatre practitioner/Writer


Neo Hai Bin is currently a writer and a theatre practitioner. His literary practice involves research works in social issues and the human condition, which then translates into different forms of literary expressions: scripts, prose, critiques or short stories. His literary works can be found at thethoughtspavilion.wordpress.com.


Some of his plays include : When The Cold Wind Blows (Singapore Theatre Festival 2018), Cut Kafka! (Esplanade Huayi Festival Commission 2018), Merdeka / 獨立 /சுதந்திரம் (Wild Rice, with Alfian Sa’at, 2019), and Tanah•Air 水•土: A Play In Two Parts (Devised with Drama Box, 2019). He is part of the theatre reviewers team “劇讀:thea.preter since 2017. He co-founded “微.Wei Collective with lighting designer Liu Yong Huay. He is a founding and core member of Nine Years Theatre Ensemble.


Wang Shijia

Founder of Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends


Shijia launched her character design studio after a 12-year career in the real estate investment arena. Ang Ku Kueh Girl was originally born to be a cute cartoon character, just for fun. However, as the brand grew, Shijia realised that Ang Ku Kueh Girl can best serve as a companion to children, introducing the beauty of Asian culture and heritage to them.

As a mother, Shijia hopes that her children would be curious about their shared Asian heritage. Cultivating a sense of gratitude and thankfulness is also a main objective of the brand.


“Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends” is privileged to have collaborated with many international and local organisations on various character licensing projects in different languages. These include digital stickers for communication apps, merchandise, storybooks, comics and events.


Ben Hum



Since gaining 2nd place in Campus Superstar Season 2 in 2007, Ben has been pursuing his dreams in music. Since then, he has been performing and producing many cover songs that have received positive responses locally and overseas. As an avid learner, Ben has learnt song writing and arrangements under industry veteran Eric Ng. On 27 Nov 2020, Ben released his first single- 是你成就我. This song was specially written to thank his fans who have been supporting him through his music journey.


Kuan Yin Liu

Publisher and President of The One Day Magazine


Kuan Yin received her bachelor degree in Chinese Literature and master degree in Journalism, both from the National Taiwan University. After graduation, she worked as journalist for a daily newspaper and then as a spokesperson of a listed company. She published the book “女子力不是溫柔是戰鬥"which discusses the topic of women empowerment in different life stages.


In 2014, Kuan Yin began to transform the brand of One Day Magazine. Since then, the magazine has published more than one hundred issues. She also has opened seven One Day Magazine shops in Taiwan, which sell a wide range of commodities sharing the same branding.




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