2021 A Delectable Discussion on Food Culture

A Delectable Discussion on Food Culture


Let’s talk about food! There’s so much more to what we can see, smell or taste. Keen to know more about the tales behind our dishes and their connection with Mandarin?

Join our exciting panel of speakers and find out more. If you love food and love talking about it, this programme is for you.


Date:               Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Time:               7:30pm

Watch:            The Zoom link will be sent to your email upon registration


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Moses Lim

Gourmet Connoisseur

Before there were food bloggers, instagrammers and taste makers, there was Moses Lim. He is, undisputedly the forerunner in the food critic scene in Singapore.

A trailblazer, Moses Lim pioneered in the category of Gourmet Tours in Singapore in 1993.  Unlike other tours, Moses Lim’s Gourmet Tours were uniquely his, with ‘Focus On Gourmet’ itineraries.

Moses Lim is recognised locally and overseas for his myriad of achievements. As a food critic, he lives by his mantra of ‘Good Food, Good Life’. Over the years, he has remained relentlessly active. He continues to contribute in areas that involve growing the F&B industry and exchange of food cultures, best practices and skills.

In addition to being invited as a gourmet judge and critic for many gourmet events, Moses Lim has also been appointed food and travel ambassadors by various Tourism Boards in different countries and states.

Lee Chiang Howe

Chef and Owner of Huat Kee

Chef Lee is an expert in the arena of Teochew Cuisine. He owns the Teochew Restaurant Huat Kee (1998) Pte Ltd which has been featured multiple times in the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide.

He is also the creator of the Ready-To-Eat (RTE) and Heat-And-Serve (HAS) dishes, which are produced and packed in Australia and New Zealand.

He has made frequent appearances on TVB's food programmes and was a special guest for the launch event of China’s popular phone application, Flavours. He was also invited to participate in a charity show in Hong Kong.

On top of that, he is a familiar face on food critic and host Chua Lam's TV programmes in both Hong Kong and Singapore.



Anna Lim

Radio DJ at 96.3好FM

Anna is a veteran Radio DJ who has been captivating local listeners for more than 30 years.

Not only that, Anna is also a food-enthusiast. Her passion for food runs so deep that that she would always have a food segment in her radio shows. She is currently a producer and host of《娜些好吃的》, which talks about and relates to food.

To Anna, there are many phrases apart from ‘yummy’ or ‘tasty’ that can be used when it comes to describing the tastes of good food.

She uses a myriad of palatable expressions: ‘a rejuvenation to the mind and body’, ‘an overflowing aroma’, ‘a permeating fragrance’, ‘a pleasurable aftertaste’, ‘decadent yet light’, ‘gobble-worthy’, ‘finger-licking good’, ‘a feast to the eyes’, ‘a luscious spread’, ‘mouth-watering’ and more, elevating one’s food experience.


Daniel Ang

Founder of DanielFoodDiary.com

Daniel is the blog author behind DanielFoodDiary.com (DFD), a website which introduces some of the best food and dining in Singapore and around the world.

The blog is one of the leading food-content sites in Singapore in terms of traffic and organic engagement, clocking more than 4.5 million page views and 2 million unique page views per month.




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