Say It Right! contains a list of commonly mispronounced words with correct audio pronunciations and definitions in a Singaporean voice. Learn how to pronounce words like liaise, siphon, esplanade, almond, library.

  • Efficient

    Definition: Working properly without waste

    Example: Jane’s more efficient and finishes her work much quicker than John.

  • Electricity

    Definition: A form of energy that involves a current flowing through wires that can generate light, heat or movement

    Example: The cost of electricity is expensive.

  • Eligible

    Definition: Qualified to be selected

    Example: When you turn twenty-one, you’re eligible to vote

  • Encore

    Definition: An extra piece of music that is performed at the end of a show or concert because the audience ask for it as a sign of appreciation

    Example: The fans shouted for an encore as the band left the stage.

  • Enthusiasm

    Definition: Passionate interest in something

    Example: Her enthusiasm was infectious!

  • Entrepreneur

    Definition: Someone who runs their own business, especially when this involves lots of risk

    Example: He is an entrepreneur who started his own company at age twenty.

  • Envelop

    Definition: Surround completely

    Example: The torchlight ran out of battery and darkness enveloped the room.

  • Equal

    Definition: The same in number or degree, or deserving the same treatment.

    Example: Men and women should have equal rights.

  • Equation

    Definition: A statement in which mathematics is used to show that two amounts are equal.

    Example: This mathematical equation is complicated.

  • Ergonomic

    Definition: The study of people and their working conditions, particularly in order to improve efficiency

    Example: My office chair is designed by ergonomic specialists.

  • Esplanade

    Definition: Any open, level space, esp. one serving for public walks or drives.

    Example: I enjoy watching concerts at the Esplanade.

  • Espresso

    Definition: A kind of strong coffee made by forcing steam through crushed coffee beans

    Example: He drinks a double espresso every morning.

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