Say It Right! contains a list of commonly mispronounced words with correct audio pronunciations and definitions in a Singaporean voice. Learn how to pronounce words like liaise, siphon, esplanade, almond, library.

  • Realise

    Definition: To become aware of something

    Example: Do you realise how fortunate you are?

  • Realtor

    Definition: A person who sells or rents out land or houses on behalf of the owner, especially in the USA

    Example: The realtor sold the house at a good profit.

  • Receipt


    • A piece of paper which shows that a specified sum of money has been received
    • A written statement confirming that something has been paid for or received
    • An amount of money received over a period by an organization

    Example: Remember to keep the receipt.

  • Receptive

    Definition: Willing to listen to new ideas

    Example: She is always receptive to new ideas.

  • Regime

    Definition: An ordered way of doing something/a course of diet, exercise or medical treatment

    Example: Running is part of my fitness regime.

  • Rendezvous


    • A meeting or appointment to meet at a specified time and place
    • A place where people meet
    • An arranged meeting of two spacecraft
    • To meet or cause to meet at a specified time or place

    Example: They planned a romantic rendezvous in Paris.

  • Reservoir

    Definition: An artificial lake where a large amount of water stored

    Example: She enjoys jogging along the MacRitchie Reservoir.

  • Respiratory

    Definition: Connected with breathing

    Example: He is suffering from a respiratory disease.

  • Restaurant

    Definition: A commercial establishment where meals are prepared and served to customers

    Example: We like going to this restaurant for dinner.

  • Rescue

    Definition: To help someone escape from danger or some bad situation

    Example: He was trapped under the pillar for two days waiting to be rescued.

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