Say It Right! contains a list of commonly mispronounced words with correct audio pronunciations and definitions in a Singaporean voice. Learn how to pronounce words like liaise, siphon, esplanade, almond, library.

  • Hall

    Word pronunciation: hawl
    Definition: The entrance space of a house, or a large room used for events with lots of people

    Example: The students are gathered in the school hall for assembly.

  • Help

    Word pronunciation: help

    • The action of helping someone
    • A person or thing that helps someone
    • A person employed to do household tasks
    • Make it easier for someone to do something
    • Improve a situation or problem
    • (help someone to) Serve someone with food or drink
    • Take something without asking permission
    • (can/could not help) Cannot or could not stop oneself doing

    Example: May I help you?

  • Hierarchy

    Word pronunciation: hahy-uh-rahr-kee
    Definition: A system in which things or people are arranged according to how important they are

    Example: This organisation has a flat hierarchy, everyone is treated as equals.

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