Say It Right! contains a list of commonly mispronounced words with correct audio pronunciations and definitions in a Singaporean voice. Learn how to pronounce words like liaise, siphon, esplanade, almond, library.

  • Maintenance

    Word pronunciation: meyn-tuh-nuhns
    Definition: The act of preserving the quality of something

    Example: My car goes for maintenance checks twice a year.

  • Maldives

    Word pronunciation: mawl-deevz
    Definition: A country located in the Indian Ocean

    Example: The Maldives is my dream holiday destination.

  • Market

    Word pronunciation: mahr-kit

    • A regular gathering for the buying and selling of food, livestock, or other goods
    • An outdoor space or hall where people offer goods for sale
    • A particular area of commercial or competitive activity
    • Demand for a particular product or service
    • To advertise or promote something

    Example: She buys fresh food from the market daily.

  • Mechanical

    Word pronunciation: muh-kan-i-kuhl
    Definition: Involving machines

    Example: I want to study mechanical engineering.

  • Medicine

    Word pronunciation: med-suhn

    • The science or practice of the treatment and prevention of disease
    • A drug or other substance taken by mouth in order to treat or prevent disease

    Example: The doctor prescribed some medicine for my cold.

  • Memorable

    Word pronunciation: mem-er-uh-buhl
    Definition: Likely to be remembered; worth remembering

    Example: It was a memorable trip to the Grand Canyon.

  • Menu

    Word pronunciation: men-yoo, mey-nyoo
    Definition: The list of the food available in a restaurant; a set of choices on a computer screen

    Example: May I please see the menu?

  • Metal

    Word pronunciation: met-al
    Definition: A chemical element, such as iron or gold, which is generally hard, strong and shiny

    Example: That bridge is made of metal.

  • Miniature

    Word pronunciation: min-ee-uh-cher, -choor, min-uh-cher
    Definition: Very small.

    Example: He collects miniature cars.

  • Moral

    Word pronunciation: mawr-uhl
    Definition: Concerned with right and wrong and standards of behaviour such as fairness and honesty

    Example: Moral education is a subject taught in schools.

  • Morale

    Word pronunciation: muh-rahl
    Definition: The strength and confidence felt by someone

    Example: The team’s morale was so low after losing their football match.

  • Motor

    Word pronunciation: moh-ter
    Definition: A machine that enables something to move.

    Example: The boat can’t move because the motor is spoilt.

  • Motorcycle

    Word pronunciation: moh-ter-sahy-kuhl
    Definition: A two wheeled vehicle like a bicycle with an engine.

    Example: He rides his motorcycle to work every day.

  • Motto

    Word pronunciation: mot-oh
    Definition: A short phrase that expresses the beliefs or purpose of an organisation

    Example: My motto is “Work hard and play hard.”

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