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Kusu Island




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Kusu Island

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位于新加坡南部的岛屿之一,与拉扎鲁斯岛(Lazarus Island)和圣约翰岛(Saint John’s Island)相邻。



One of Singapore’s southern islands, neighbouring Lazarus Island and Saint John’s Island.

  • 龟屿(Kusu Island)位于新加坡本岛以南 5.6 公里,面积 8.5 公顷,其西面与拉扎鲁斯岛和圣约翰岛相邻。
  • 在 1975 年的填土计划之前,龟屿只不过是暗礁突出的两个小岩层,尚未发展成旅游胜地。
  • 早在 17 世纪时期,便已有关于龟屿的记录。当时西班牙驻菲律宾总督率领他的舰队航行回返家乡,但他的大帆船在龟屿附近的水域触礁搁浅。当时,这座岛屿称为 “总督岛”(Governor’s Island)。
  • 1806 年,英国东印度公司(British East India Company)的一名水道测量家将 “总督岛” 重新命名为 “果阿岛”(Goa Island),后来在 1819 年,史丹福·莱佛士爵士(Sir Stamford Raffles)的水道测量家测量了新加坡海港,并将这座岛屿规定为所有船只进入海港的基准点。
  • 有关龟屿的传说有五个版本,都具有浓厚的宗教及传奇色彩。根据其中两个版本,有一只大海龟化身为一座小岛,分别拯救了在附近海域遇险的船员和两名渔夫。
  • 龟屿也称为山峰岛(Peak Island),在马来语又称为 Pulau Tembakul(淡峇库岛),因为这一带有许多虾虎鱼(即马来语 tembakul)。
  • 龟屿上有一座历史悠久的大伯公庙,是当地最有名的景点,每逢农历九月的龟屿进香季会迎来大批信徒前来膜拜,祈求好运和平安。
  • 游客可从滨海南码头(Marina South Pier)乘搭渡轮前往龟屿,航程大约一小时,渡轮会先途径圣约翰岛。在龟屿的进香季期间,渡轮航班则会从滨海南码头直接往来龟屿。
  • Kusu Island is located 5.6 kilometres south of the main island of Singapore, with an area of 8.5 hectares. To its west are Lazarus Island and Saint John's Island.
  • Before land reclamation in 1975, Kusu Island was nothing more than two small rock formations from reefs.
  • As early as the 17th century, there were records of Kusu Island. At that time, the galleon of the Spanish Governor of the Philippines ran aground after hitting the reefs in the waters near Kusu Island while he was leading his fleet home. The island was then known as Governor's Island.
  • In 1806, a hydrographer of the British East India Company renamed Governor’s Island as Goa Island. In 1819, Sir Stamford Raffles’ hydrographers surveyed the Singapore harbour and made the island a reference point for all ships entering the harbour.
  • There are five legends about Kusu Island, all of which are religious and mythological. Two of these legends tell of a large turtle that transformed into an island to rescue sailors and two fishermen from danger in nearby waters.
  • Kusu Island is also known as Peak Island. In the Malay language, the island is also known as Pulau Tembakul as it is home to gobies (tembakul in Malay).
  • There is a Tua Pek Kong Temple on Kusu Island, which has a long history and is the most popular attraction on the island. During the ninth month of the lunar calendar, large numbers of worshippers visit Kusu Island to make offerings and pray for good luck and safety.
  • Visitors can take a ferry from Marina South Pier to Kusu Island. The ferry journey takes about an hour, stopping first at Saint John’s Island. During the prayer season, the ferry will travel directly between Kusu Island and Marina South Pier.


近来空气素质受烟霾影响,但无阻约 1500 名龟屿进香客,甚至有马来西亚旅客组团在进香季节首日赶搭首班渡轮到龟屿,祈求好意头。(《联合早报》, 30/9/2019)
Recently, although the haze has adversely affected air quality, it has not deterred the 1,500 devotees and even a group of Malaysian tourists from taking the first ferry to Kusu Island on the first day of the prayer season to pray for good fortune. (Lianhe Zaobao, 30/9/2019)

  • 其他龟屿的景点包括位于龟屿最高点的马来神祠拿督公庙,及养育数百只乌龟的乌龟保护中心(Tortoise Sanctuary)。


  • Other attractions on Kusu Island include Datuk Kong Keramat on the highest point of the island and the Tortoise Sanctuary which rears hundreds of tortoises.