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lunar new year gifts for senior citizens




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lunar new year gifts for senior citizens

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农历新年前由慈善团体、基金会、宗乡会馆、行业工会、寺庙善堂等机构发给穷苦年长人士的现金红包。英语“Lunar New Year Gifts for Senior Citizens”的意译。也称贺岁金、渡岁金、敬老金。



Cash in a red packet given to poor elderly people by charities, foundations, clan associations, trade unions, temples, charitable halls and other institutions just before the Lunar New Year. Also known in Mandarin as 贺岁金渡岁金, and 敬老金.

  • “度”在古汉语有“渡过”的意思,“岁”在古汉语则引申为“年”的意思。因此,“度岁”即“过年”。
  • 新加坡分发度岁金的传统,是于1948年由邵氏基金首创的。最初,邵氏基金每年在大世界(Great World Amusement Park)和新世界游艺场(New World Amusement Park)分派实物,后来考虑到有的年长人士行动不便,因而改发30至100元不等的现金红包。近年度岁金也包含其他物品,如宏茂桥德义区(Teck Ghee)的度岁金就包括150元的现金、50元的昇菘超市礼券、四罐鸡精和两个年柑。
  • 分发度岁金是为了照顾新加坡社会中的弱势群体。即使经济不景气,度岁金也如常发放。
  • 申请度岁金有一定的条件,如2019年义顺南区的度岁金申请的条件如下: 1. 须为65岁以上的新加坡公民; 2. 每月家庭收入不超过1,900元,或人均收入在650元以下; 3. 每个家庭只能有一位申请者。
  • 度岁金一般在各机构联办的度岁金颁发仪式或新春团拜联欢会等活动中发放。此外,总理或议员也会在新春期间,在巴刹、熟食中心等社区内,以拜年的方式发放度岁金给乐龄人士。
  • The Mandarin term “度岁金” is a paraphrase of the English term “Lunar new year gifts for senior citizens”.

  • In ancient Chinese, the character ” means to go through, while ” has the meaning of year. Therefore, 度岁” means to have a New Year.

  • The tradition of distributing Lunar New Year gifts for senior citizens in Singapore was started by the Shaw Foundation in 1948. Initially, the Shaw Foundation would distribute items annually at the Great World Amusement Park and New World Amusement Park. Later, in consideration of some elderly who might have mobility difficulties, the items were changed to red packets of $30 to $100. In recent years, the annual Lunar New Year gift also includes other items. In the case of the Teck Ghee district in Ang Mo Kio, the gift consists of $150 in cash, $50 in Sheng Siong supermarket vouchers, four bottles of chicken essence and two Mandarin oranges.

  • Lunar New Year gifts for senior citizens are distributed to take care of the underprivileged groups in Singapore. These Lunar New Year gifts are distributed even if the economy is in a recession.

  • Certain conditions must be met to apply for the gift. For example, the requirements for the Nee Soon South District in 2019 are as follows:

  1. Must be a Singaporean citizen over 65 years of age;
  2. Monthly household income does not exceed $1,900, or per capita income is below $650;
  3. Each family can only have one applicant. 
  • Lunar New Year gifts are generally distributed during activities organised by various agencies, such as Lunar New Year gift distribution ceremonies or Lunar New Year celebration gatherings. In addition, during the Lunar New Year period, the Prime Minister or Ministers of Parliament will also distribute Lunar New Year gifts to senior citizens in markets and hawker centres. 

This morning, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong celebrated the Lunar New Year ahead of time with residents in the Teck Ghee Constituency in Ang Mo Kio. He also distributed Lunar New Year gifts, chicken essence and Mandarin oranges to the 470 elderly residents in the district. (Lianhe Wanbao3/2/2019)